I am a tall person with big feet who has traveled to 12 countries and lived in two. I truly, madly & deeply love mountains, cake and winters. Numbers and me don’t get along, and my ideal world would exist without them.

Photography, hiking, travelling, art, remote places, postcards, people, movies in languages I don’t speak, theatre, food, fitness and baking interest me.

Dreaming about places I must see before I die, how to save the world and hiking are among my top three favorite pastimes. I question everything and everyone, mostly to satiate my curiosity but sometimes to help me understand the Nietzsches I have to wrap my head around. I’m quite obsessed with words. Not that I have a great vocabulary or anything, but big words impress and annoy me. Annoy because I have to look them up and feel bad about how little I know.

I have no sense of direction and get lost often which makes me late more often than I like. I think the moon is really pretty and that trees branch out to form the most beautiful patterns to look at.

I strongly believe that nobody can tell you what to do, you just have to listen to your heart and rely on your gut.

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