Many of you are obsessed with this show.

Many of you have no idea what it is.

And many of you are wondering whether to watch it or not! Butone thing is certain, majority of the people who have seen it, can’t seem to stop. There has to be something about this show that is so goddamn addictive. Trust me it is hardly the story, because each time I try to introduce someone to GoT, it’s a disaster. It either sounds like too much fantasy or just plain boring. Why then do I want each and everyone to watch this show so bad? Apart from the fact that I think Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) is the most good looking man I have seen, I also think this show is very different from the usual.

Different because:

  1. Of the way it progresses: I don’t mean there is action in every episode but most shows either mess up the plot by the end of season 1 or somehow manage to lose the viewer in unnecessary drama. GoT keeps you hooked throughout. The main characters soak in all the camera time of course but its the underdogs who really keep you wanting more.
  2. It is totally unpredictable: Everyone you love will die. Everyone you hate dies. Every time you start to like someone they will die. Just when you think you know what is happening, the show will take a whole new direction. Some might argue there is too much violence and cruelty but if you can look past spluttered blood and beheaded soldiers to the bigger picture it all makes sense. It’s not like a fight sequence is added for extra attention or some other lame reason. tumblr_m97xs78NLV1r5pjkqo1_1280
  3. It’s so unreal yet so real: Each scene is carefully crafted with the sets doing complete justice to the story-line. Even with all the dragons, castles and dire-wolfs, frozen dead people and other creatures it feels so fascinating. Needless to say it is extremely well written in terms of dialogues and very well shot. Some of the best Dialogues on TV