It’s true, that I am fascinated by way too much! This particular fascination of mine is called “plasters.”  It dates back to the time I was in school. All my extra sporty friends/ classmates would end up with an injury that would invariably require a plaster. It used to be an absolute delight to sign those white, rock-hard casts. Not to forget the attention the plaster-getter got, and the curiosity that surrounded him/her.

“How did it happen? Are you okay? Does it hurt? It looks really bad, hope you get well soon! Do you need help? ”

It’s like the world became a better place in that moment. Love and care oozed out of everybody around the plaster-getter.  I used to wonder what it would be like to get one of those. I should mention here, I was a horrible sports person, the slowest runner the school had ever recorded, I guess and extremely lousy at almost every game. This one time I managed to sprain my foot during warm-up itself! Forget actually playing basket ball. Unfortunately it was only a sprain and did not require a plaster.

Today, after all those years of wanting a plaster and not getting one here I am. Struggling to find a decent job in life and after two months of back to back interviews and calls someone finally wants me. So I am asked to join work as soon as possible and guess what? My wish couldn’t have come true at a better time, than this. I need a plaster on my foot for three weeks. Perfect timing right? Who would think of hiring me, when I say I need 3 weeks of leave even before I get started!

It’s hard even for the most optimistic person to say “whatever happens, happens for the best” at a time like this.

Moral of the Story: Be careful what you wish for.

8 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. hey vd
    “How did it happen? Are you okay? Does it hurt? It looks really bad, hope you get well soon! Do you need help? ”
    i'm only a call away 🙂


  2. Hope its not that late to ask “how r u vidhi” and the but obvious “kaise hua, kab hua…” stuff but i m confused too, whether to congratulate u for ur wish had come true or feel sorry for d 2 month's wait that got extended. All in all, i say it’s time to get pampered, to enjoy the service and care and to stay, read and listen in undisturbed mode-for quite sometime!


  3. Mayank: Firstly long time. I trust everything is good with you. Secondly how why when where is a long wrote to narrate here! Haven't seen you online since forever. If i do i ll fill you in 😀


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