A really harrowed friend of mine had nothing better to do and decided to tell me the following, to pass her time:

“As the legend has it, when the first surveyors of this city wanted to measure Bangalore, they asked everyone to bring their morning dosas. Then all they had to do is count the no. of dosas to find out that Bangalore was only 7439 dosa feet.”

Me being me bought this extremely creative yet so lousy, piece of information! Why wouldn’t I buy it considering they swear by the stuff and olden days really weren’t that advanced? Early man used all kinds of things for the purpose of measurements. Why can’t then, really ancient people of Bangalore use dosas? But on a serious note, come to think of it, all bangloreans seem to eat is, Dosas and idlis day in and day out. Whatever happened to variety is the spice of life!

I came to Bangalore almost two months ago after having lived in Bombay for five long years. The difference is of course drastic. The good difference is the weather. It is never humid, always windy, and almost never sunny. The roads are wider, cleaner, quieter and most importantly greener. This is such a stark difference that one can fall in love with Bangalore almost as soon as they get here. However, what is seriously wrong with Bangalore is Kannada! Be it bus numbers, sign boards, shop names, malls, roads or anything else. It is all written in Kannada. How is one supposed to read stuff here? Turns out language is not a problem just overseas.

The autowalas are the richest socio-economic class in Bangalore unlike Bombay. The techniques and methodology used by them to dupe non-Bangaloreans or even Bangloreans at times, beats any business strategy executed in India.

It’s been a month I have been travelling to and fro from work to home and never have I paid the same amount. Its classic how there is a difference EACH time of 10-15 rupees minimum. And there is obviously no point arguing or fighting because the argument will be in kannada which anyway will go beyond me. Whatever I say about autos in Bangalore I have to admit without them travelling would be impossible. On my first day in Bombay, even though I hadn’t heard of the area I was suppose to go to earlier, I knew my way. There was clarity in terms of how, where and when. I guess that’s how it is meant to be- Bombay teaches, you learn.

Another very important feature of this city is restaurants and canteens. Even though Bombay seems like the size of two countries put together in comparison to Bangalore, the number of eateries here is way too many .The road parallel to my office must be some 2.9 kms and it has close to 75 small and big restaurants. It’s no wonder how people living here for donkeys years still can’t say they have tried everything.

We have all heard of walk on the road, run on the road, stand on the road even dance on the road in moments of extreme happiness or excitement. However Bangalore loves to pee on the road. This one time on my way to work from home I saw five and a half men pee on the side of the road one after the other. Half because am not sure if that man was just standing or actually peeing. Obviously the scenario near the train tracks in Bombay is no better but at least they try and not pee on a crowded street in view of every passerby. Slum dwellers and other homeless people feel free to crap and pee wherever they find a comfortable spot but Bangalore is relatively more intense.

It will of course be silly to pick which one is better because both Bombay and Bangalore give a different kind of exposure to an individual. While the undying spirit of Bombay teaches you the way to struggle and what survival of the fittest is, Bangalore gives you space and lets you be. It grows you at your own pace without the element of pressure.

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  1. too good comparision of 2 great cities however my vote goes for mumbai. blr autos are too bad guys u should fix one auto only for daily trip they do ntowork on meter and everyone understand hindi if we insist on speaking hindi


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